Our story

How it started

Delph was founded in February 2016 by three entrepreneurial data scientists. During their time studying together, all three spent time working on extracurricular projects which were aimed at implementing quantitative techniques in either non-profit organizations as well as commercial corporations. Working on these kinds of projects made the potential and importance of data science clear to them. After all being graduated from a degree in econometrics, the founders had the ambition to bring their data science knowledge to the business world. Because of their affinity with data science, entrepreneurial visions, and proven ability to apply their knowledge in practice, Delph was born.


Currently, Delph is an expanding organization with experience in projects for large and small organizations. Our goal is to improve the quality of decision-making and to provide companies of all sizes with new insights using data-driven techniques. We are continuously in the process of developing data applications for clients as well as for our internal organization. We have implemented our knowledge of both analytics and predictive modelling in various industries for organizations ranging from millions to billions of euros in revenue.

The Future

Our project portfolio is quickly expanding and we want to keep up the pace. We have been expanding our team with partners and working students. By growing we hope to realize our vision which is to make data science an essential part of every business.

Are you interested in more information or would you like to know what Delph can do for your company? Send us a message and we will be in touch with you shortly.


The Team

Ruben Spruit ruben@delph.io

Ruben Spruit


Harro van der Kroft harro@delph.io

Harro van der Kroft


Mark Verhagen mark@delph.io

Mark Verhagen


Leo Huberts leo@delph.io

Leo Huberts