The exploration concentrates on the areas where most organizations struggle and where machine learning models can put into production.

During the exploration, the following questions are answered: which cases can be solve through data analysis, what data should be used to solve those questions, and how data can solve your companies business cases.




Data audit

During the data audit we find the hotspots where attention is needed. We inventory the data warehousing and analyse different data sources on their compatibility, quality, and relevance to the business case.

The outcome of the results are presented in a quick scan report. This report contains an overview of our findings as well as actionable advice of potential next steps.



Intelligence and analysis

We use Machine Learning models, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data algorithms to uncover new insights detect patterns or predict future events.

Implementing data-driven intelligence impacts a company on a strategic level as well as during daily decision making.

We analyse the impact of our machine intelligence by validation. We use our model to predict outcomes of the recent years and compare these predictions on the actual outcomes.





Application development

Delph develops data applications which allow data solutions to become part of the day-to-day business operations. These data applications continuously provide new insights using real-time data.

Our web applications are tailored to meet your wishes and company needs. You can easily access our insights using our web interfaces or we can connect to your internal software using API's.